McDaniels’ Legacy: A Disastrous Era in Retrospect, but a Glimmer of…

The Josh McDaniels situation ended disastrously. We all know that, including you and myself. There is no reason to relitigate it.

It sounds utterly absurd to be fired as head coach eight games into your second season, but it also makes sense given the trajectory of his career. Although there’s no need to discuss this era, we will nonetheless!

It’s remarkable to see some recent headlines about McDaniels’ tenure in Las Vegas that, well, aren’t all that horrible, considering that nearly every item about his time there has been negative.

And in light of how 2023’s first eight weeks transpired, “not that horrible” represents a major victory.

But lately, Raiders player Davante Adams revealed anecdotal evidence regarding McDaniels’ tenure that won’t actually make fans cringe while speaking on Maxx Crosby’s podcast—because there’s always a podcast. Forward motion!

Raiders supporters could be torn by Davante Adams’ most recent McDaniels tale.

He proclaimed, “I’ll tell you this: Josh McDaniels gets a lot of s–t. However, he said something to me that was really, really true, and I’ve never really had a coach emphasize something like he did with me: ‘I need you to go talk to these guys.

Because even if I can yell at them inside, the more they fear disappointing their brother, the more my yelling at them will mean than you can ever imagine.

It’s not the worst piece of coaching advise ever! which is what we imagined the players had been hearing for the previous year and a half up until this time.

I suppose I respect the effort, even though it was obviously insufficient to address the myriad issues that ultimately resulted in his second (actually third) unsuccessful head coaching position.

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Complete List Of Las Vegas Raiders 2024 NFL Draft Picks

With the 13th overall choice, the Las Vegas Raiders selected TE Brock Bowers from Georgia to bolster their offensive line for the 2024–2025 campaign.

The Raiders added some offensive weapons in TE Brock Bowers and RB Dylan Laub, as well as guard Jackson Powers-Johnson and tackle DJ Glaze in the second and third rounds, to strengthen their offensive line.

Tom Telesco and Antonio Pierce made the following decisions regarding their picks in the Las Vegas Raiders 2024 NFL Draft:

Round 1: 13th Overall: TE Brock Bowers, Georgia

Round 2: 44th Overall: G. Jackson Powers-Johnson, Oregon

Round 3: 77th Overall: OT DJ Glaze, Maryland

Round 4: 112th Overall: CB Decamerion Richardson, Mississippi State

Round 5: 148th Overall: LB Tommy Eichenberg, Ohio State

Round 6: 206th Overall: RB Dylan Laube, New Hampshire

Round 7: 223rd Overall (SAF) Trey Taylor, Air Force

Round 7: 229th Overall: -CB MJ Devonshire, Pittsburgh

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