Latest New: Forget Quarterback A tight end may be key to Raiders Offensive Success

The new offensive coordinator needs to be resourceful in order to maximize the team’s weapons.

There will be a lot of interest in Aidan O’Connell and Gardner Minshew’s fight. Both players will be in competition for the crucial starting quarterback position with the Los Vegas Raiders, and their performance will have a major impact on the team’s offensive success or failure.

But set O’Connell and Minshew aside for a moment.

Luke Getsy, the offensive coordinator, is expected to be the real secret to the Silver & Black offense. Not only the quarterback, but the entire Raiders offense will be heavily influenced by him since he is responsible for positioning the group for maximum success. Getsy must be resourceful to make the most of the squad, with weaponry general manager Tom Telesco added in the draft and through free agency, including tight end Brock Bowers, a first-round selection.

Luke Getsy named offensive coordinator of the Las Vegas Raiders

We’ll find out if Getsy failed to dial up plays during his two-year tenure with the Chicago Bears (2022–2033) or if, as some have speculated, he was stuck with a signal caller who didn’t fit him.

But what we can learn from managing the Bears offense is that Getsy likes running the ball and using a variety of tight ends; in fact, the coach’s utilization of 12 personnel (one running back and two tight ends) was one of his signature plays.

In addition, there were 21 players (two running backs, one tight end), 13 players (one tailback, three tight ends), and 22 players (two halfbacks, two tight ends).

In order to adapt his playbook to matchups, Getsy also used the regular 11 players—one tight end, one tailback, and three wide receivers.

Getsy’s position as the head designer of the Raiders offense will depend on having multiple tight ends on the field in Las Vegas.

Bowers and Michael Mayer (second round, 2023) are players the team has selected with two early-round selections, and each offers something very unique.

After a standout career at Notre Dame, Mayer is the more physically gifted player at 6-foot-4 and 265 pounds. He has already played one season against NFL opponents.

Over the course of the season, his blocking got better, and he showed off the hands that made him a weapon for the Fighting Irish by finishing his rookie campaign with 304 yards and two touchdowns on 27 grabs.

At 6-foot-4 and 230 pounds, Bowers fits the profile of a move-tight end more so. He is the receiver who is considerably faster and more svelte, with the ability to catch the ball, force a defender to miss, and take it home.

Bowers won’t be confused for the more physically gifted Mayer, even though he isn’t a bad blocker. He can, however, outshine a defense and threaten for long gains or scores, making him the more dangerous receiver.

Bowers and Mayer will have a productive tag team if he can demonstrate his ability to block NFL defenders.

This is because it won’t be clear what each player will do on any given snap. Even though Mayer lacks quick feet, he is nonetheless a skilled receiver with the capacity to drop his shoulder, keep his feet moving, and gain difficult yards.

Furthermore, Mayer is quick enough to make jokes out of slower safeties and linebackers who attempt to cover him. However, if both demonstrate that they are capable blockers, they may also be useful in the run game.

The Raiders attack is expected to be led by Zamir White, a strong and quick runner, and supported by a group of players that includes youngster Dylan Laube, veteran Alexander Mattison, and veteran Ameer Abdullah.

Getsy can have even more creative freedom with the help of the previously stated three, who provide a pass-catching element out of the backfield.

Then there are the wide receivers, led by the outstanding Davante Adams and backed up by the reliable and skilled Jakobi Meyers.

Quick youngster Tre Tucker is also present, in addition to Jalen Guyton and Michael Gallup, two seasoned reinforcements.

Tulu Griffin, an undrafted free agent, offers intriguing quickness and the capacity to gain yards after a catch as well.

Getsy has a good understanding of Adams from their time spent together in Green Bay, and the playcaller should be aware of the wide out’s strengths and preferences.

Naturally, Getsy relies heavily on James Cregg and his offensive line, but Telesco also strengthened the group by re-signing center Andre James and adding veteran free agents Andrus Peat and Cody Whitehair (a player Getsy knows from Chicago) in addition to Jackson Johnson-Powers, DJ Glaze, and second-round pick Jackson Johnson-Powers.

Getsy, though, will be stepping up the plays. He is nevertheless a philosophical fit for head coach Antonio Pierce based on his background and tendencies.

Getsy has the ground game to fulfill the Raiders head honcho’s desire for direct contact. It will be interesting to watch if Getsy can introduce the deep ball, the other aspect, to Las Vegas.

Although he didn’t have the most accurate quarterback in Chicago, O’Connell and/or Minshew provided him with greater choices. Therefore, we’ll find out if the play caller or quarterback in Chicago during 2022–2023 was the issue.

The well-traveled forty-year-old Getsy was twice an assistant coach with the Green Bay Packers in addition to his prior position as offensive coordinator for the Bears.

Getsy has previously served as an offensive coordinator in college at Mississippi State (2018), Indiana (2011–12), and West Virginia Wesleyan (2009), but this was his first professional play-call assignment.

Errors are to be expected, particularly from a rookie playcaller venturing into an unfamiliar area. After a difficult first season leading the Raiders defense, defensive coordinator Patrick Graham had an incredibly successful second season calling plays.

However, Getsy could be more of a bottleneck than a key if his career path isn’t as high as that of his defensive counterpart.

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