Breaking News: Just Now, Cowboys RB Has Been Signed by….

Mailbag: Do Cowboys still value RB position?

Nick Eatman: I think that’s pretty strong.

I wouldn’t say it’s not valued. The Cowboys had intentions of drafting a back, as early as the second round. But every time it got to that pick, they felt like there were better options.

If that’s your way of saying they don’t value it the same, I guess that would be fair. But I know, they were in discussions to take a back in just about every round.

So I don’t think it’s not valued, I think they believe the options this year, didn’t make the most sense.

But there is probably a mindset that focuses a little more on building the offensive line back up and fixing the blocking schemes.

If that can happen, then it’s a big step in fixing the running game as a whole. Something tells me they’re even done addressing the position, even after Zeke officially signs.

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