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Ex-girlfriend of Travis Kelce Shares Detailed Letter Amid “Embarrassment and Backlash”

In a “open letter” to her Instagram account on Monday, Kayla Nicole, the on-air host who dated Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce on and off from 2017 to 2022, seemed to discuss overcoming the “backlash and embarrassment” she’s faced since rumors of Kelce dating Taylor Swift started.

Over the past two weeks, Nicole has found herself in an awful situation. The world is just staring at her indifferently when her ex starts dating someone else, especially when that someone other happens to be the biggest pop artist in the world. She doesn’t even need to be doing anything spectacular for people to stare at her. When Nicole, for instance, says on social media that going to the gym is her “therapy,” people assume she’s making passive-aggressive remarks about Swift and Kelce. It was observed when Nicole unfollowed Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany Mahomes on a game day. Nicole and Mahomes have a tight relationship. Brittany had been spotted out to supper with Swift that same day.

Nicole opened the video by saying, “It’s always been really important for me to use my platform not to create division but to elevate and unite women, Black women specifically.” Nicole was speaking directly to the camera.

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She warns, “They might call you a traitor for falling in love.” “You’ll think those closest to you will defend you, but you’ll soon realize that people don’t defend things they don’t value.”


“Preserve your heart,” she advised the audience, and refrain from “participating in this tumultuous, often one-sided journey.”

You don’t have to participate. You’re not required to answer,” she stated.

Even still, Nicole admitted, “there are moments when I wonder, ‘Why me?'” It dawns on me that this is about more than just me.My vulnerability, trauma, and truth are all relevant aspects of being human. I want to reassure you that you’re not alone because I know I’m not.

“Resources like therapy, prayer, and community to help you make it through,” she reminded her audience.

Maya Benberry, another former Kelce flame, claimed to have received death threats from Swifties. Benberry participated in the dating reality show Chasing Kelce, winning the competition in 2016, however their romance ended in 2017. She did, however, add that she has also been the focus of attention for a relationship in which she is not involved.

According to Benberry, Swift’s fan following is “aggressive, very negative, and very hypocritical,” as she stated to Inside Edition. “I find it extremely absurd that someone who I perceive to be kind and positive could have such a bitter and irate fan base.”

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