After All The Incident, Cowboys Wide Receiver Announces His Departure In…..

Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb denies holdout reports, saying, “I’ll be in Dallas.”


Despite speculation that he could be a holdout for CeeDee Lamb, the wide receiver doesn’t seem to be a player concerned about his future.

The Cowboys wide receiver claimed to be going through a regular offseason in an interview with TMZ.

He stated, “Relaxing, chilling, working out, of course,” on the official team website.

Lamb, who will make $17.991 million in 2024, is about to begin the fifth year of his rookie contract. He’s about to get a big contract extension. As the three compete for bargaining power, we may witness a drawn-out negotiating phase with Justin Jefferson and Ja’Marr Chase also looking to make new agreements.

According to recent sources, Lamb might hold out for a better offer. The Cowboys’ optional offseason practices begin the following week, on April 15. Their first required sessions are scheduled for June 4-6; absences will result in fines.

Lamb stated that his primary goal at this time is to support the Cowboys in their quest for a title. He also stated that he would be spending this season in Dallas.


“Winning — I’m looking forward to winning and being out there with my guys, and making another run at this thing,” he stated. “Yeah, I’ll be in Dallas!”

Given that offseason exercises are elective, skipping the first few would be a passive move on his part. His decisions will mean more when obligatory minicamp rolls around and on-field practices start.

If a settlement cannot be reached by July’s training camp, Lamb may conduct a hold-in, a strategy that is gaining popularity among elite athletes as it spares them from potential fines while simultaneously reducing the risk of injury while negotiations are ongoing.

Lamb and the Cowboys have made it clear that they intend to stay married for a very long time. They now need to calculate the costs in order to make that happen.

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