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Kieran Maguire shares Rangers and Celtic verdict in European Super League…

Rangers and Celtic, with their height and size considered to be advantageous to the plans, could be invited to join a newly redesigned European Super League, according to Kieran Maguire’s claims.

The Super League would be reorganized with three divisions of twelve teams, promotion and relegation being possible, however Rangers would probably end up in one of the lesser levels.

Although neither Rangers nor Celtic could match the likes of Barcelona or Bayern Munich, the finance expert expressed his opinion that including the Scottish powerhouses is probably essential.

On November 6, Maguire offered the following during an interview with The Price Of Football podcast: “The European Super League in its latest, or its new manifestation, would probably involve three or four divisions.” Promotion and relegation would therefore occur.

Could Rangers then be invited to participate? They could, indeed. And in Celtic too. To be honest, I know this may not sit well with Rangers supporters, but Rangers are currently lagging behind Celtic in both on and off the field.

Thus, it’s possible that Celtic and Rangers will both receive invitations to join. How would the Rangers feel if they finished in division two or three out of the four divisions that will comprise twelve clubs? The.

Even a few of Europe’s smaller or more moderately sized nations, such as Belgium, Portugal, and the Netherlands, do admirably in the Champions League.

Rangers and Celtic, then, would help the competition if the Super League had three or four divisions of twelve teams and was not based in England.

The European Super League concept has always been motivated by money. When they observed the situation their clubs were in, teams like Barcelona and Juventus started looking for methods to increase revenue.

Theoretically, both Scottish clubs might succumb to the lure of a substantial financial boost, especially in light of the controversy regarding the amount of TV and prize money awarded in Scotland in comparison to the relative size of the teams and their fan bases.


Rangers would be given access to a new financial model by the Super League, which would probably involve large financial increases over what they currently earn. This might lead to an improvement in the team’s performance both on and off the field.

Nonetheless, given their rich histories and proud traditions, it seems unlikely that any team would sell their souls for money, even though recent football events have shown that money talks.

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