Ipswich Town: Real-time updates from Kieran McKenna’s news conference prior to Rotherham United

Right, that’s that then. What is new, basically:

– Wes Burns seeing a specialist today. No surgery will be weeks out, but months if he does need it.

– Freddie Ladapo seeing a specialist too. Achilles injury. Will miss Rotherham and be assessed for the double-header next week.

– Axel Tuanzebe won’t be involved at Rotherham but isn’t far off making Town’s squad


Freddie Ladapo has an Achilles injury. Will see a specialist, but hoping it’s not serious.

He’ll miss Rotherham away on Friday, and will be assessed ahead of Bristol City & Plymouth next week.


Tuanzebe won’t be involved on Friday. He played 60 mins in the in-house game and should be getting into the squad in the next two weeks. Lots of competition with the depth Town have at the back.


KM confirms that the players had the weekend off after an in-house game at Portman Road at the end of last week. Axel Tuanzebe and Christian Walton were both involved.

Was a good chance to build match fitness. Full group isn’t back in yet, still waiting on some returns and the players will travel to Rotherham tomorrow. Elkan Baggott won’t return in time.


There are lessons to learn from the Huddersfield game, especially going into this one. They’re similar sides and Town will have to stand up to the physicality.


KM expecting a physical game against Rotherham. Hugill not their only threat, but Nombe too. They’re a versatile side who’ve adapted from last year, perhaps with some added pace out wide.



Broadhead fine, come back in good spirits and fit.

Burns is seeing a specialist today for his shoulder. Club have no idea on the severity.

If it’s surgery, it’s months, but there’s confidence that it won’t be needed. Hopefully weeks instead.


KM adds that there’s a balance to be made. Players have been away and Town are the first game back, so it’ll be a case of figuring out who’s best to start against Rotherham.

‘It’s a challenge, because you lose a day of preparation, you’re away from home and you have players playing on Tuesday night’.


KM confirms that Luongo & Burgess are both fine, having travelled back last night.

Both fit and ready for Friday.

The boss spoke to Luongo about the game today. He enjoyed it, but he knows the focus and the priority is Ipswich. Still a good reward for his hard work.


RIGHT – here we go.

Apologies from the gaffer for being late. Busy day. Always a gentleman.


Sorry for the delay, folks.

Should have the boss coming in soon. Fingers crossed, at least…


Right, Hirst has been and gone. A superb talker. Some really intelligent answers.

McKenna coming up next!



Back at Playford Road. Kieran McKenna will be in for his pre-Rotherham press conference in a few minutes. We’ve got George Hirst here now.

Live updates from the boss to come.

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