Everton defender Tarkowski stated, “Burnley was extremely different when he was there because…

Everton’s James Tarkowski has opened up about his departure from Burnley.

The English center half was a vital member of the Clarets squad during their lengthy Premier League tenure.

Tarkowski, who played brilliantly for Burnley under current Toffees manager Sean Dyche, will now play his former team, Everton, in the Carabao Cup midweek.

He told reporters that Burnley was a completely different team when questioned about their current playing style. We had a lot of success playing the way we did at the time.

“The new style is very different. I wouldn’t say I’d choose to pick one or the other.

“They have their own method, and we followed our own, which proved to be very successful.

“I believe that manager Dyche was and is still highly regarded there. We were expected to collapse every season we played at Burnley, but for seven seasons we didn’t.

“That showed the sort of success we had there. The club was going through a lot of change; after the manager left, they quickly rose above a very competitive league. As a result, I do not think people look back on the Dyche era and conclude that things are much better now that they are in a completely different era and are employing different strategies.”

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