The announcement of point deductions may give Everton hope as…

Points deduction news may offer Everton hope as Premier League struggles at independent commission hearing

Unsurprisingly, the Premier League’s desire to dock Everton 12 points raised concerns about the team’s possible relegation, but the story may also give some optimism.


On October 25, the Toffees were facing accusations of breaking profit and sustainability rules for the first time, which they refute, during their independent commission hearing when The Telegraph broke the story.


The Premier League are quite prevalent at briefing journalists, according to Stan Collymore, who stated in his Caught Offside column on October 27 that the authorities’ current goal is more about sending a message to Manchester City than disciplining Everton.

Leaking the idea of the 12-point deduction would appear to benefit no one at Goodison Park, and that is, unless the independent commission is unfit for its purpose.


The league reportedly found it difficult to make their case before the commission during the week that followed; on October 26, Simon Jordan admitted to Jim White live on talkSPORT that the league were not particularly impressive.


It is hard to say for sure until the commission makes a ruling and rules in the league’s or the club’s favor, but that would seem to imply that Everton’s position, which it had promised to robustly defend, might be more secure than anticipated.


If the Toffees’ claim that they have not violated any spending regulations turns out to be accurate, Sean Dyche is team may find it difficult to avoid the drop, but even a half-dozenth of what has been suggested would still be a significant victory.


Regardless of the outcome of this case, it is quite possible that there will be appeals, which would drag it out. However, while everyone waits for a ruling, Everton supporters may find some comfort in the timing of the 12-point deduction rumors.


If the Premier League felt that they hadn’t managed to prove their argument adequately, as Jordan suggested, and if it is the case that they are more focused on all-conquering Manchester City, then getting out in front of the commission’s findings with one of the briefings to journalists that Collymore alluded to might be a form of contingency plan.


Some would argue that Everton’s current state is not particularly good, but there is a chance that things will not turn out as bad as they seem given the threat of a punishment that would probably result in the club being demoted.


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