Finance Expert: As the Everton verdict is revealed, dangerous Bramley-Moore Dock twists are in store.

Risky Bramley-Moore Dock turn on the cards at Everton: Expert in Finance

We are pleased to have Dr. Daniel Plumley, an authority on football finance, as a featured columnist. He will provide his opinions on the most talked-about topics at Everton every week.

Following fresh recommendations, Dan Plumley has maintained that selling the Bramley-Moore Dock stadium would be risky for Everton and their future.

It comes after The Athletic revealed on November 3rd that selling all or a portion of the new stadium would be a smart approach to get the money needed to finish the construction, as costs are still going up.

Despite numerous examples of things going wrong, the finance expert acknowledged that clubs always want to own their stadium so they can also own prospective money creation down the road.

I would characterize that as harmful in the long run, he exclusively told Goodison News.

Owning a stadium is something that every team wants, and there are innumerable examples of when it hasn’t worked out for other clubs in the past. These situations are mostly related to football regulations.

Generally speaking, you want to own your own stadium so that you can control any future revenue-generating activities and benefits that come with having that facility.


Longer term, I believe that’s a risky tactic to use, even though it might be the case as a short-term solution to get some funds that would get it over the line or enhance the cash position.

As a club, you want to eventually own that stadium if you’ve gone to the trouble of developing it.

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