Everton takeover passes first hurdle after what FA have done to Josh Wander at 777 Finance…

We are pleased to have Dr. Daniel Plumley, an authority on football finance, as a featured columnist. He will provide his opinions on the most talked-about topics at Everton every week.

The FA’s approval of Josh Wander and Steve Pasko of 777 Partners, according to Dan Plumley, is the first obstacle removed in the Everton acquisition.

On November 4, The Times stated that Wander and Pasko had already submitted their papers and received approval to become directors of the club.


With 777 sharing that the takeover would also be self-funded, the financial expert acknowledged that there was still a long way to go in the process.



He exclusively told Goodison News that it’s the first of many obstacles.

Naturally, the first thing to determine is whether the directors will pass the fit and proper person test and that regulation.

If the FA has given the go-ahead and the Premier League has stated that the project will be self-funded rather than financed by loans, then those are two boxes checked.

As I say, there’s still a long way to go, but clearing the first obstacle is a positive start, and it appears that the club, the individuals, the FA, and the Premier League are moving in the right direction.

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