Everton explained why they ought to receive a 12-point deduction “right now.”…..

Everton will be desperate to avoid a potential sanction, given just how damaging it might be to their future safety.

Sean Dyche finally looks ready to offer stability after walking the fine line so skillfully in recent years, as his team has found new life under his direction.

That would all change, though, if they were to receive the dreaded 12-point deduction for financial misconduct, which would come as a blow to Farhad Moshiri just before he might sell the team to 777 Partners.

Despite everything going on around Goodison Park, the Miami-based company is still interested in this distressed asset, probably hoping to profit in the far future from their lowest point.

Despite this, TalkSPORT host and YouTuber Mark Goldbridge appears to believe that accepting the sanction—and getting it out of the way—might be the best course of action, given their recent winning streak.

“If I were Everton, I would take that 12 point deduction now,” he would post on X, the former Twitter. Probably the first season in ages you can take a hit like that and stay up. They could be out of the bottom 4 by Christmas, even with a 12-point deduction.

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