LIONS REPORTS: The Detroit Lions are nearing a major new contract with……

LIONS REPORTS: The Detroit Lions are nearing a major new contract with……

This offseason, Jared Goff could be in line for a massive new contract.
Jared Goff of the Detroit Lions is expected to sign a massive new contract this offseason.

Without a doubt, the veteran signal-caller’s contract is currently valued below market value.

According to ESPN, Detroit’s front office will step up their efforts after the 2023 season to secure Goff a long-term contract extension.

“One team-quarterback marriage to watch is Jared Goff and the Lions,” Jeremy Fowler writes. “Goff is putting together another Pro Bowl performance for the 7-2 Lions, and 2024 is his last year under contract (at $26.65 million, well below his market value).”

While no contract extension is likely to be reached during the season, the front office is well aware that Goff is due a substantial raise.

“Goff and the Lions have had talks about the future, but no deal is in the works during the season,” Fowler said. “However, in the offseason, the Lions are likely to step up their efforts to secure Goff’s long-term future.” He’s only 29, and the Lions understand that asking Goff to play the final year of his current contract is unsustainable.”

With the Minnesota Vikings currently on a winning streak, Goff and the Lions know they are in a tight divisional race.

“Yeah, it always will be, and they’re a good team,” Goff said of the Vikings’ win streak. “Once again, I believe Chicago is a good team, as is Green Bay.” So we’ve got our hands full with all three of those teams, and this is another one that we’re hoping to win with.”

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