Jerry Jones The Owner of Dallas Cowboys  Under Fire for Disappointing Cowboys Draft, Offseason

It’s reasonable to say that neither Maurice Jones-Drew nor Bucky Brooks of NFL Network are impressed with the Dallas Cowboys’ performance over the summer in general, nor with what the team performed in the first few rounds of the NFL Draft.

“I feel awful for Dakota,” said Brooks during Saturday’s fifth round to start a conversation.

I think all Dak Prescott is thinking right now is, ‘What are we doing in Dallas?

There are no weapons on him. CeeDee Lamb is not yet bound by a new contract. They don’t have a running back in the building, so they’re discussing the possibility of bringing Zeke Elliott back.

There’s no Michael Gallup there. They now require a playmaker. All he’s doing is trying to figure out, okay? The offensive line is here. I’m secured.

I refuse to be struck. I have no one to throw to, but I won’t get hit. I lack the necessary number of weapons to complete the task.

“After that, management is essentially saying, ‘Hey, man. What’s up, Dak? All we really need is for you to demonstrate it once more. And Dak ought to be asking himself, “With what?” Aid me. Please assist me.

Though less vehement in his criticism, Jones-Drew acknowledged that the Cowboys are not living up to owner Jerry Jones’s claim that they are “all-in.”

“I just believe that the “all-in” concept was the beginning of it all. It raised expectations when Jerry Jones declared himself to be “all-in,” don’t you think? from admirers. individuals in the media. Anticipation. Simply put, the all-in movement that we anticipated witnessing hasn’t materialized.

Jones-Drew’s remarks were more pertinent, even though they were less enthusiastic. Experiencing a peaceful offseason is one thing. It looks especially awful, though, when your team declares itself to be “all-in” and then has a quiet offseason.

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