Michael Irvin’s “Guarantee” for the Cowboys against the…

Cowboys ‘Guarantee’ vs. Eagles from Michael Irvin: ‘Dallas Will Win’ Rematch vs. Philadelphia

Cowboys ‘Guarantee’ vs. Eagles from Michael Irvin: ‘Dallas Will Win’ Rematch vs. Philadelphia

FRISCO – We like to joke that “The Playmaker” is “the president of the Cowboys Booster Club,” and Michael Irvin will not contest that he has a bias toward his beloved Dallas Cowboys.

Because of that, when we hear him analyze the Cowboys’ crushing 28-23 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 9 on Sunday, we’re not surprised at the optimism – or the prediction for what will happen in Week 14.

“What we saw is, no, Philly is not too much for Dallas,” Irvin said. “No, Philly’s not. You are absolutely correct, Dallas, and I can assure you that Dallas would prevail in this game if it were played there.

Even though the Eagles have accomplished something exceptional by going to 8-1, the 5-3 Cowboys, led by defensive leader Micah Parsons and offensive leader Dak Prescott, are speaking with a similar amount of confidence.

In Irvin’s case, he is bemoaning and analyzing the “small things,” like a poorly-run route by Jake Ferguson that had the trickle-down effect of fellow tight end Luke Schoonmaker coming up an inch shy of scoring what would’ve likely been a game-winning touchdown on a late fourth-and-goal.

On Monday’s Undisputed, Irvin said the Cowboys “had that game, and sai of that play, “That is where that game got lost,” Irvin said. “Right there. Regarding a minor detail. On small little things like that.

More “small little things” like that ended up going wrong for the Cowboys down the stretch, including Dallas needing a touchdown when driving inside the red zone during the closing minute, starting with a first-and-5 from the 6 that was followed up by a sack and two penalties.

To Irvin’s point, in theory: If the Cowboys play this well in Week 14 when the Eagles come to AT&T Stadium – and eliminate the “small little things”? Maybe his prediction can come true.

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