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GdS: ‘The sins of the devil’ – Milan let down by leaders and new additions

After losing three of their previous four games, AC Milan has found itself in a sort of early-season crisis, and Stefano Pioli is not solely to blame.

A few new additions to Milan’s roster as well as a few presumed leaders have let the team down recently, as the morning’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport (viewable below) details.

For instance, Mike Maignan is no longer the crises’ face, but he is also no longer aswing supporters with incredible saves as he once was. He used to add points to the standings, but these days he doesn’t do either.

Since PSG doubled their advantage after he coughed up a huge rebound in the Champions League, he is not exempt from criticism for Raspadori’s equalizer in Naples. In contrast to his previous seasons with the Rossoneri, he received a red card for a foul on Ekuban during the victory against Genoa in this one.

The center-forward made a crucial save after Giroud had used all five replacements, which is a conundrum that speaks volumes. Instead, Maignan gave way to Marco Sportiello in the middle of September after experiencing yet another muscular problem.

Theo Hernandez is engaged in a game of handbrake play. Prior to him blasting the full-back, who was also visible in the pitch’s center,

Recently, Pioli reaffirmed: “We are developing a slightly different attacking phase on the left, so we anticipate Theo to be a little more supportive and a little less flamboyant on the wing.” However, it’s also true that he is aware of his strength and needs to step up his game.

Theo initiated the movements in previous seasons, even if Rafa completed the task. Given that he has already received five yellow cards in eight league games this season compared to seven overall last year, the Frenchman also appears more tense today.

Then there is Rafael Leao, who, as seen following the replacement versus Napoli, no longer has a smile on his face and instead has an angry expression. Above all, he runs darts

It appears that Milan has entered a dark period since he has not scored since the victory over Verona and his last assist was on September 30. Alternatively said, Leao still requires the group’s backing in order to succeed. His response after being substituted is what many remember most about him at Maradona, even if he lost the great challenge against Juventus in the league.

He faltered on his back-heel attempt against Newcastle before to losing the Champions League clash against Mbappé. He needs to regain his lost precision and smile in order to get up again.

On to the new arrivals: Samu Chukwueze no longer possesses the dribbling prowess that made him renowned in La Liga. Thus far with the Rossoneri, he is remembered for squandered opportunities.

He recorded 13 goals and 11 assists in all competitions during his previous season at Villarreal. However, he has failed to score or assist in any of the categories while playing for the Rossoneri, despite having only made three starts and suffering a muscle injury while playing for Nigeria.

Another athlete brought in to showcase his dribbling, quickness, and goal-scoring ability is Noah Okafor. This season, he clinched the win over Lazio with a goal assisted by Leao, but it’s also true that the Swiss international finds it difficult to break through if there aren’t many available spots.

Even before he proves his abilities, it is important to know where he can fit in at Milan: as a left winger, Leao’s backup, or as a central striker to replace

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