Breaking New: Nadal Finally open up on  Madrid Comeback

Maribel, the sister of tennis legend Rafael Nadal, has responded as the Spaniard gets ready for the 2024 Madrid Open.

He has been working very hard on the tennis court in preparation for what may be his final Madrid Open campaign.

The 22-time Grand Slam champion’s sister, Maribel Nadal, has released the footage from her brother’s practice session in anticipation of his much anticipated return at the Mutua Madrid Open.

The five-time Madrid Open champion is shown serving before striking a winning shot in a tale she posted on Instagram.

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Because he didn’t think he was ready to participate at the highest level yet, the Spaniard withdrew from the competition in 2023.

But Nadal is back and ready to compete at the Madrid Open following a protracted injury layoff. Nadal has been working hard in practice in La Caja Magica (The Magic Box) with his crew for the past several days.

When Nadal arrived for practice for the first time this year, the Mutua Madrid Open even welcomed him with heroism, with his name plastered on all of the tunnel’s TV screens and the advertising boards.

At the Madrid Open, the five-time Madrid champion will have a difficult task as his countryman and two-time defending champion Carlos Alcaraz looks to win the title three times in a row.


Following his elimination from the Barcelona Open, Rafael Nadal opens out, saying, “I have to behave in Madrid according to how I feel.

Rafael Nadal, who was making his comeback, had an early exit in the 2024 Barcelona. He had defeated Flavio Cobolli of Italy in the first round, but on April 17, he was eliminated from the competition after a shocking 7-5, 6-1 loss against de Minuar.

The 37-year-old Spaniard was frank with the media following his loss about the next steps he intends to take in preparation for the Mutua Madrid Open and other tournaments.

He clarified that he will be taking precautions to get ready for the competition in Madrid.

I have to act in Madrid in accordance with my emotions. In a post-match press conference, Rafael Nadal stated, “I’ll be able to improve if I can complete a week of practice sessions with quality players in Madrid, if I can play sets every day, if my body gets used to that level of competitiveness and I believe I’m ready.

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Rafael Nadal issued an apology to fans after Flavio Cobolli’s mockeries