Mohammed Kudus should start for West Ham in every game, in my opinion. This Declaration Was Issued By…

Kudus also netted his debut Premier League goal against Newcastle United before the October international break.

Despite starting every game in the Europa League this season, though, he is yet to start in the league for West Ham.

The Ghanaian once again had to come from the bench as the Hammers succumbed to a 4-1 defeat at the hands of Aston Villa on Sunday.

Speaking about his handling of Kudus since the summer transfer from Ajax, Moyes admitted that although he would love to start the player in every game, the starting lineup they currently have is winning.

“I’m tempted to start Kudus every game. But I have to be fair and say that the team’s played quite well. Obviously, we’ve got a balance that we’re trying to find and get that right as well,” Moyes is quoted as saying by The Standard.

“Sometimes our balance has been very good and got us some good results. Now and again sometimes it can cause you problems as well.”

Moyes also discussed West Ham’s disappointing performance and had words of praise for Aston Villa for the way they played.

“We made poor decisions with every ball we played in and around the box, but more significantly, we were not resilient when it came to defense. We had very few opportunities to score because we were unable to identify any individual.

“I see Aston Villa as a really, really good side, good style, good formation, hard to play against. However, we had other teams at their level, like Brighton or Chelsea, with which we could have punished them today.

“But today, we didn’t get the clear opportunities because we didn’t make it from the chances we had to make the opportunities. That was the disappointing bit for me,” he added.

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