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How Boris Becker squandered £127M fortune  expensive divorce battles to dubious deals

Boris Becker has been jailed today after being found guilty of bankruptcy offences. During his trial it was revealed the former tennis star lost his money on expensive divorces, his lavish lifestyle and dodgy investments

Boris Becker has been jailed today for two and a half years as the six-time Grand Slam champion was found guilty of four offences under the Insolvency Act.

Becker, who was previously reported to be worth at least $160 million (£127m), was declared bankrupt in 2017 due to an unpaid loan of over £3million on his estate in Mallorca, Spain.

The 54-year-old former tennis icon was found guilty of transferring €427,00 (£356,000) to nine recipients, which included the bank accounts of his ex-wife Barbara and his estranged wife Sharlely “Lilly” Becker.

He was also convicted of failing to declare a property in Germany as well as hiding an €825,000 bank loan and shares in a tech firm.

Becker has been supported by his girlfriend Lilian De Carvalho throughout the bankruptcy trial – he was spotted embracing her the day before his sentencing 


How much money did Boris Becker make?

In 1985, Becker wowed the world by becoming the youngest player to win Wimbledon at just 17. The German tennis superstar went on to win 49 singles titles in 77 finals over 16 years.

During his bankruptcy trial, the court heard that throughout his career, Becker earned £38million from prize money and sponsorships alone, equivalent to roughly £100million in today’s money.

After his retirement, Becker coached current world number one tennis player Novak Djokovic. He also worked as a BBC commentator and took on several brand ambassador roles.

How did Boris Becker lose his fortune?

The tennis player’s divorce from his first wife, Barbara, cost him a substantial amount 



Despite his vastly successful career, the former world number one said that his income reduced dramatically after his retirement in 1999 and he has continued to suffer financially since.

Becker has claimed that his “expensive divorce” in 2001 contributed to his bankruptcy, as well as his expensive lifestyle.

As part of his first divorce, Becker reached an out of court settlement with his ex-wife Barbara that was reported to be worth £12million. He also split with his second wife Lilly in 2018.

In 2001 Becker was also ordered to pay a multi-million dollar settlement to a Russian model who gave birth to his daughter.

Part of the tennis star’s expensive lifestyle included £22,000 a month in rent for a house in Wimbledon.

In 2002 the father-of-four was convicted of tax evasion and attempted tax evasion in Germany and owed around £800,000 in liabilities for this.

German news magazine Der Spiegel has reported that Becker may have lost a substantial amount of his fortune due to dubious investments in Nigerian oil firms.

It was alleged that Becker regularly invested in the Nigerian oil market, including a single investment that was over $10million (£8m). However, the investments were unsuccessful as they plunged in value.

What is Boris Becker’s net worth now?

At the height of his career, Becker’s net worth was estimated at around £127million, but his financial misfortune means that the tennis legend’s estimated net worth currently sits at £800,000.

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