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Fans are left in shock by two of Arkansas’s most trustworthy men.

Razorback faithful left feeling unwanted, unable to believe what university has to say

Arkansas has the worst issue an athletics program can have – distrust – and the most confounding part of it is it’s self-inflicted.

Coming into this season there were no two men more trusted by Razorbacks fans than basketball caoch Eric Musselman and athletics director Hunter Yurachek. However, the past month has gone a long way in destroying that bond with the Hogs’ fan base.

While there was disappointment on how the season went, most fans publicly voiced this as a problem with the players and their issues behind the scenes than a Musselman problem. They were anxious to get to transfer portal season so he could clear out a lot of the drama and malcontent that had taken place and start fresh with those he believed cared and could handle his coaching.

Next season, things would spring back into place and Arkansas basketball would be Arkansas basketball again. A year of defense, heart and hitting full stride in March as players developed.

However, no matter how much Razorbacks fans believe in and support Musselman, the message that has been sent their way, whether intentional or not, is they aren’t wanted. Musselman’s name is being linked to every job possible, which at first glance is a great way for an agent to get his man a raise, but this has barreled out of control into a look of desperation to go be with any school willing to take him on.

That’s not likely reality, but it sure has become perception. It’s as if it’s prom season and Musselman is asking anyone but Arkansas to go to the dance with him.

That’s been hard on Razorbacks fans. They’ve been left feeling unwanted and frustrated. They’re loyal and have hope they’re just misreading all of this, but as things drag out, actions, or lack thereof, begin to make it impossible to feel any other way.

Arkansas fans are anxious to know whether Musselman wants to be with them at all and are desperate for any sign of hope. That’s why the Yurachek video has turned out to be way more cruel than he apparently realizes.

Putting out a video that made Razorbacks fans believe the matter was settled and that Musselman had finally chosen to continue to be with them may have been a joke to him to make fun of other fan bases, but it was no laughing matter for the people of Arkansas.

Not only did it not help, but it put Musselman in a position where he has no choice but to consider leaving even if he was leaning heavily toward staying.

Picture a scene where children know there is a chance their parents might get divorced. They are clinging to hope and praying each night their parents will stay together when one day one of the spouses produces a letter claimed to be written by the other that says that parent has decided to stay instead of seeking a divorce, only the letter the kids read is a fake.

There’s no doubt the other parent would be livid. It would be hard to keep that relationship together.

That’s exactly what Arkansas is facing now. The silence from Musselman when that video went out was deafening.

If there was ever a path to Musselman staying at Arkansas it’s going to be strained at best. Obviously, a lot of things can be fixed through winning, but there will always be the undercurrent of distrust both between Musselman and Yurachek and also between the Arkansas fans and both men.

It’s a bad situation brought on by two leaders who a few months ago could do no wrong in the eyes of most Arkansas fans. It takes a lot to mess something like that up, yet, they both have, and it’s the fans who are losing out in the process.

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