Kansas City Chiefs DT Chris Jones gives major props to franchise legend……

2024 Chiefs Ring of Honor inductee Tamba Hali shared a new video of him training the next generation of Kansas City pass-rushers in Felix Anudike-Uzomah and George Karlaftis. Jones spotted that video on X (formerly Twitter) and felt the need to show some love to his former brother-in-arms.

“Tamba (Hali) is always inspiring,” Jones exclaimed on X. “Unfortunately, I never got to play with DT (Derrick Thomas) but to me, Tamba is one of the greatest Chiefs.”

Thomas is universally viewed as one of the greatest players in franchise history, but Jones’ comment suggests that Hali doesn’t quite get the appreciation he deserves. From a statistical standpoint, he’s right behind Thomas, and what he’s done to train the next generation puts him in his own category of greatness.

Jones has firsthand knowledge of what it’s like to work with Hali. He played alongside No. 91 for 21 games throughout Hali’s final two seasons and Jones’ first two seasons in Kansas City. No. 95 knows exactly the type of mentor he can be for a young player in the league. For Hali, he says it’s about staying connected to the game and the team. He also feels that he can provide something that NFL coaches cannot.

“For me, it brings joy,” Hali explained. “It feels like I’m always part of the team. Coaching is hard. I wouldn’t wish it on people to go coach. It’s hard. These guys are here early, and they leave (late). I want to give back somehow, and I live in the community. Collaborating with George (Karlaftis) and Felix (Anudike-Uzomah). I knew where they are in their career. When I got here, it was hard on me to try to figure out how to play the position, not just from the left side but from the right side and all the different techniques they’re asking us. The coaches’ jobs here are not to teach you technique, you should already know and that’s not the case with the guys coming into the league, especially with our defensive linemen.”

Hali isn’t just teaching Karlaftis and Anudike-Uzomah a physical skill set, but he’s teaching them to be humble in their preparation. It’s about fostering a greater level of respect for the game and their craft of the defensive line.

“You can’t just feel like you’re the best,” Hali continued. “You have to work at your craft and grow in it. George did a tremendous job. He was very ambitious last year. He came and we worked. Felix is now in there every morning, and we work by hand, wrestle, and deal with beasts. I always ask them, ‘Which lineman in the National Football League is fighting at 6 am every morning?’ So there’s a beast that’s growing in them that they’ll realize when they get on the field what it really means to play for this organization because it’s an opportunity.”

Hali didn’t see the success and results that the Chiefs are now seeing, but he continues to help build a culture of excellence in which players like Jones, Karlaftis, and Anudike-Uzomah can thrive.

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