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Detroit Lions GM has legendary quote on Christian Mahogany’s play style

The Detroit Lions made their second addition to the offensive line in the 2024 NFL Draft when they selected Boston College guard Christian Mahogany — and general manager Brad Holmes had an interesting way of describing Mahogany’s play style.

When asked about the sixth-round pick, who was one of two offensive line picks, along with British Columbia offensive tackle Giovanni Manu, Holmes didn’t mince words about the way Mahogany plays.

“He’s got some dirtbag in him,” Holmes said, per Kyle Meinke of “He’s one of these Jersey kids who doesn’t take a lot of crap.”

Mahogany had zero issue with the description.

“It’s something that I really pride myself on and I’m just glad Mr. Holmes saw it, as well as coach Campbell and everyone else,” he said, according to Nolan Bianchi of The Detroit News.

There were many experts out there who had the Boston College product as a mid-round pick, so it was surprising to see Mahogany available late on Day 3. Even Holmes didn’t expect that to happen.

“I was shocked,” Holmes admitted. “I didn’t think he would be there at that point.”

The Lions went into the draft needing to add an interior offensive lineman, if for no other reason than for depth. But they also needed someone who can potentially step into a starting role down the line. It looks like the Lions got their guy, who will now try to make the roster and eventually turn into a starting-caliber player.

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