Joe Burrow’s comments about the Chiefs send sparks criticism from the media Due To…..

Joe Burrow’s remarks regarding the Chiefs draw criticism from the press.

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow recently made some comments about the Kansas City Chiefs to Travis Kelce’s face in his podcast ‘New Heights‘ in which he talked about the recent rivalry between both teams, that sparked comments in social media.

Regarding the rivalry between the Bengals and Chiefs, Burrow made the following statement.

However, these comments have not fared well amongs fans and members of the media, as FS1’s Nick Wright stated on ‘First Things First’ that it’s a ‘mistake’ that the Bengals are setting as their goal just to beat the Chiefs and being built just to compete with them.

Mike Gesicki is in awe of Joe Burrow’s talent

Tight end Mike Gesicki has been a reliable target for various quarterbacks throughout his six-year career, and he’s excited about the prospect of catching passes from Joe Burrow, the newly signed Bengals quarterback.

Gesicki expressed his admiration for Burrow, noting that he has never been in a huddle with that kind of talent before. He also commended Burrow’s leadership qualities, stating that he’s someone the team looks up to and that he’s been easy to talk to with a good sense of humor.

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