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Who Is Sergio Pérez’s Wife? All About Carola Martinez

Sergio Pérez and his wife Carola Martinez share four children together

The only thing Sergio Pérez loves more than racing is his wife, Carola Martinez, and their beautiful family.

Both Pérez and Martinez were born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico; however, the pair didn’t meet until they were in their twenties. Despite Pérez being a public figure, their relationship has remained largely out of the spotlight. In fact, it wasn’t until Martinez became pregnant with their first child that they went public with their romance.

In Dec. 2017, they became first-time parents with the birth of son Sergio Jr. Since then, the couple have gotten married and welcomed another son and two daughters. Their oldest kids, Sergio Jr. and daughter Carlota, sometimes make rare cameos at their dad’s Formula 1 racing competitions or on their mom’s Instagram page.

Since signing with Red Bull Racing in 2021, Pérez’s racing career has taken off exponentially — albeit, the one constant through it all has been Martinez. Speaking candidly with Dutch newspaper De Limburger, Pérez admitted he struggles with keeping work from bleeding into his time at home with his family.

“Formula 1 is my sport, my life, my passion. But when you are having such a hard time at work, it is difficult to be cheerful at home with your wife and children,” he told the outlet, per Sports Illustrated’s Fan Nation.

Family time is of the utmost importance for Pérez, who recently hired a mental health coach to help navigate the pressure and expectations that come with F1. For Pérez, having a clear mind means he can better allot his time and energy to his family.

“That’s why I hired a mental coach because my family deserves to have that cheerful father at home,” he explained.

So who is Sergio Pérez’s wife? Here’s everything to know about Carola Martinez and her relationship with the Formula 1 driver.


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