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Heat’s Caleb Martin on Jayson Tatum Foul: Wouldn’t Be ‘Code Red’ if Roles Swapped

Miami Heat wing Caleb Martin believes his foul on Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum has been blown well out of proportion.

“If the roles were reversed no one would be calling it a Code Red,” he told reporters Tuesday while denying he was intentionally looking to take Tatum out.

Martin went to crash the glass with a minute left in Miami’s 114-94 Game 1 loss to Boston in the first round of the 2024 NBA playoffs. He made contact with Tatum as the Celtics forward was mid-air to collect the rebound, which led Tatum to fall hard to the floor.

Some of Tatum’s teammates, including Jaylen Brown, clearly took exception to the bump, though things didn’t escalate much from there. Martin and Brown each received a technical foul and the action continued.

Immediately after the game, Martin acknowledged he committed a “hard foul” on Tatum but said he ran toward the basket with no malicious intent. He added he received a bit of a shove that accelerated his forward momentum, something that appeared to be corroborated by replays of the sequence.

The discourse ramped up, however, thanks to comments from former Celtics forward Brian Scalabrine, who now works for NBC Sports Boston. Without making direct accusations, Scalabrine referenced the titular “code red” from A Few Good Men and implied Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra instructed Martin to foul Tatum during a late timeout.

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