Can Jannik Sinner’s skill be compares to Rafael Nadal’s?

The Australian coach evaluated Jannik’s chances and the impending clay-swing.

Next week, Jannik Sinner will attempt to unseat Novak Djokovic in the clay-court season. The victory in Miami and the Australian Open set the stage for creating something truly unique on clay as well.

In an interview with Sky Sport, Darren Cahill discussed the qualities that could benefit Sinner on clay courts and drew parallels between his game and that of Spanish great Rafael Nadal.

“I believe he can play incredible tennis on clay. He possesses all the necessary skills: he can move really well on the surface, generate tremendous power from the baseline, has made significant progress on the serve, and most importantly, he is adept at closing points at the net. This reminds me a little bit of Rafa, who on clay was a very skilled and speedy net hitter despite clearly preferring to play from the baseline.


Whoever is able to accomplish this on a regular basis ends up frightening and frightening his opponents. I believe Jannik’s game works really nicely with clay. I think he will do just as well on clay in the future, but his results over the past two years have been more on grass and quick hard courts,” he said.

Impressionnant à l'Open d'Australie, Jannik Sinner poursuit une ascension  linéaire et programmée - L'ÉquipeRafael Nadal - IMDb

Jannik is now the only player in the ATP rankings that separates him from the top spot: Novak Djokovic. The differences between Italian and Serbian are 1015 points. Djokovic will, however, defend 2315, whereas Sinner will only defend 585.

With the exception of the Monte Carlo semifinal, Sinner was eliminated in the quarterfinals in Barcelona, having declared his retirement just hours prior to the derby with Lorenzo Musetti; he was also eliminated in the fourth round in Rome and the second round in Paris after suffering an unexpected loss to Daniel Altmaier.


Sinner is praised by Vagnozzi

Sinner will also have the support of his coach Simone Vagnozzi in the next Monte Carlo Rolex Masters. Vagnozzi is currently out of the country recovering from a minor operation.

Vagnozzi discussed the goals for the season on clay courts and the results Jannik achieved in an interview with the Italian newspaper Repubblica.

“We notice the minutiae, the small things. Naturally, we also spoke before he hit the field, and the coach then makes sure the player is heeding the guidance and that the drills he had practiced previously are effective. And yet, watching television makes some of his expressions easier for us to see. Because of their diverse positions within the stadium, it might be harder to see from the pits,” Vagnozzi said.

“Well, the thing that makes me happy is that in two years we managed to win a Slam and reach this ranking,” the coach said in reference to the team’s chemistry and the significance of their relationship. I’m honored. I don’t like to talk about myself, but I was always certain that this was the best course of action. Naturally, the squad as a whole deserves the credit: Umberto Ferrara is an excellent trainer who, if he were not Italian, would be held in high regard as a genius.


And then there was Darren Cahill, who had a history. And lastly, Giovanni Naldi. Personally, I’ve always been seen as youthful, and this is what irritates me about being forty: we speak a lot about giving young people opportunities, but if they succeed, they get the blame. In this modest way, I wish to demonstrate that Italy is home to a plethora of other excellent young trainers. That makes me feel proud.”

Sinner will also need to strive to win on clay, where he has only ever been victorious in his career, in order to attain complete perfection and the top spot in the ranking.

“I believe you shouldn’t stray from a course that proves to be effective. We have to act in this manner going forward: Monte Carlo will be one of the most sensitive times of the year, given the few days we have to adjust.


However, Jannik feels that it’s crucial to play a few matches on clay. He approaches Monte Carlo with composure, understanding that it’s an adjustment, and tries to give it his all. After that, we’ll have Madrid, Rome, and Paris; but, we’ll assess everything week by week.

I have no doubt that Jannik will compete fiercely on clay as well. Reaching the finish line of every tournament was the ultimate objective. Thus far, we have been able to take advantage of the chances that have presented themselves.

We now have to apply the same procedure to red clay. However, I believe Jannik will have the same chances here as well,” the coach said. Sinner is now viewed as an inspiration by many children,” he said.

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