Breaking News: Rams head coach Sean McVay recently declared that he would shortly be retiring due to…

Breaking News: The head coach recently announced that he would be retiring soon because of…

Rams GM Les Snead hints at potential Aaron Donald reunion

The Los Angeles Rams have begun their first offseason in over a decade without Aaron Donald on the roster and constructed their draft in an effort to begin replacing him.

However, the Rams and Donald might not be completely done yet.

Appearing on the Rich Eisen show, Rams general Manager Les Snead jokes that the Rams could pull a similar scenario with Donald that they did with Eric Weddle during their Super Bowl run.

Weddle, who was then retired, was brought up from the practice squad by the Rams and played well enough to make it to the Super Bowl in four straight games. Snead told Eisen that the team discussed with Donald that they could do something similar if they advanced to the playoffs.

Snead then began to repeatedly deny that anything would happen like that and said he wasn’t breaking any news, but he did have something interesting to say.

The cup comment was in response to something Donald told Rams head coach Sean McVay when he was ready to retire. Donald told the staff that “his cup was full” and that he would retire.

The Rams have always kept the door open in regards to Donald returning to the team, and I don’t doubt for a second that the moment he said he was interested, a spot would be open for him to return.

It’s fun to speculate, and perhaps another Super Bowl run would entice Aaron Donald to exit retirement, however briefly. However, it doesn’t appear like anything will happen immediately, but never say never as the season begins to approach.

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