BREAKING NEWS: Patrick Mahomes Was Poisoned By Her girlfriend In………

Brittany Mahomes makes plans with her girlfriend for the weekend, did she involve Patrick?

Given how prevalent celebrities are on social media, it’s impossible to hid your whereabouts sometimes. In Brittany Mahomes‘ case, we know exactly what she will be doing this upcoming weekend.

On Wednesday night, Mahomes posted a birthday message for one of her longtime friends, Miranda Hogue, on her Instagram stories. In it, she mentions that they will be “celebrating all weekend“.

Who is Miranda Hogue?

Hogue is a great friend of Brittany’s, and her husband, Summit Hogue, actually attended Texas Tech alongside Patrick Mahomes. Summit and Patrick have remained friends through the years, as have their wives.

Miranda is a realtor in Texas while Summit owns a “national warehousing and fulfillment network” company.

Footage surfaced on Thursday of Brittany and Miranda on a private plane. It’s unknown for now where they are heading off to, but drinks were already flowing.

As to whether Patrick is on the trip with them, only time will tell. We might see him pop up on a story or two, although he was practicing during the week with receiver Rashee Rice.

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