Breaking News: Patrick Mahomes Of Kansas city Just Signed A Divorce With His Wife Due To…….

Amid the drama surrounding Joe Rogan’s divorce, Brittany Mahomes posts a picture with Patrick.


The NFL player Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany Matthews Mahomes, posted a picture of her husband and herself in the midst of the controversy surrounding Joe Rogan’s remark regarding the couple’s divorce.

She shared a snapshot of herself and the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback sitting courtside at a basketball game on Instagram on Monday, writing the caption “🏀💙.” Before getting married in March 2022, Matthews Mahomes and her spouse dated for ten years, having first met in high school. Together, they are parents to two kids.

The Instagram picture was posted a few days after it seemed as though she was reacting to Rogan’s suggestion that, in the event of a divorce, Matthews Mahomes would pursue the two-time Super Bowl winner with the “same energy” that she used to support him when he plays.

“The issue is that after a divorce, they retain the same level of enthusiasm. In the most recent episode of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan saw a video of her at the Super Bowl and said, “They come after you with that same energy.”


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Matthews Mahomes tweeted three days after the show aired, stating, “Something about grown men talking s*** about someone’s wife is real weird…” Many fans conjectured that this was a response to what Rogan had said.

“Actually grown a** men hating on women in general is pathetic,” she stated.

The Joe Rogan Experience was contacted by Newsweek for comment.

Following her Instagram photo, her followers gave her encouragement with remarks like “You guys seem so happy! Brittany, ignore the haters—they’re just lifeless bots trolling you! Patrick and I are grateful for everything you do for our city! I appreciate you sharing your pictures and please keep up the good energy! I adore your family.

Critiques from the public are nothing new for Matthews Mahomes. She and her brother-in-law, online sensation Jackson Mahomes, have come under fire for their extravagant festivities on game day.

On the show from last week, comedian Shane Gillis said to Rogan, “Patrick Mahomes has a wife that’s just wild.” She’s inside the box now. She records a video of herself. Along with her and his brother (who actually like TikToks), Patrick is unquestionably the guy. Then he’s got a sibling up in the box doing all that s*** and a crazy wife.”

Following her husband’s season-ending AFC divisional round victory, Matthews Mahomes popped a bottle of champagne and showered Chiefs supporters with it from her suite. This incident also drew criticism for the actress.

She posted in response to the insults on social media, saying, “I just wish I could do what I want without getting attacked every week.”

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