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New York Giants: Top 50 Players of All Time

The New York Giants are one of the most storied and successful franchises in NFL History. One of the few teams who can say they’ve been a part of the NFL since the beginning, there are certainly a huge bank of players to examine when making a top 50 list of all time.

One thing you’ll notice is the rush of defensive players that sit at the top of the list; the Giants have been known for their great defensive players over the years and it’s no secret who the No. 1 player is.

But who fills in at 2-50? Let’s take a look.Al Blozis makes this list even though he only played two seasons with the Giants because of the level of play he performed at in those two seasons and the nature of his short time with the team.

You see, it was common practice back in his day for players to end or suspend their careers in order to serve our country, which Blozis did so during World War II.

He made the Pro Bowl in just his second season as an offensive lineman for the Giants and could have returned from the war with a chance for a great career, but his life was cut short in service of our country.

I have respect for that, and maybe someone else should have made the list, but it’s my list and I felt compelled to tell his story.

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