Breaking News: Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Mike McCarthy Signed A Divorce With His Wife Due To……

Meredith Land sits down with Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy and wife Jessica

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy holds one of the most high-profile jobs in football. Still, he’s kept his family out of the spotlight after leaving Green Bay and resettling in North Texas.

McCarthy’s wife, Jessica, was critical to the family’s move and establishing a new life with a new team. For the first time, she talked about the move and how the family found their footing in Dallas-Fort Worth.

In McKinney’s historic Cotton Mill, artists work their craft. Among them is Jessica McCarthy.

“It’s not something that I announce, but yes, I’m proud of my husband,” Jessica said.

The former art teacher thrives on the creative collaboration here, a long way from her hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

“I went to college at the University of Wisconsin,” Jessica said.

A lifelong Packers fan, when the Dallas Cowboys came calling in 2020, she said that Texas seemed like such a change.

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