He was amazing: The 25-year-old can be key for Clement as Rangers look to rebound


Todd Cantwell made a welcome comeback to the Rangers starting lineup, beginning against Sparta Prague.

The 25-year-old was sharp in his roughly 30-minute stint against the Hibs, but he will still need to wipe out some rust from missing six weeks of action.

Todd Cantwell, who made his comeback with a post on X, will be essential to Philippe Clement’s success this season as the Rangers attempt to carry out the rebuild.


Todd Cantwell can be key for Rangers under Clement

The issue was that Sam Lammers and Cyriel Dessers were playing in front of him.

Neither of them has fully caught up since signing in the summer.

Even a manager with Philippe Clement’s skill level could find it difficult to pull a tune out of them if this is how they are up to speed.

The Rangers lineup has been lacking in energy since Todd Cantwell joined.

When resources permit, Clement has to improve one area of his game, but he can link plays to drive right into the heart of defenses.

Instead of beating players on the midway line, he needs to move him higher up the pitch.

At that point, we should witness a resurgence of the goal-scoring ability from the previous campaign as well as the kind of assist that even Dessers was unable to miss!

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