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Ohio State Football: Number one thing to work on before The Game

The Ohio State football team has one more opponent before they travel to Ann Arbor for The Game. They have Senior Day on Saturday afternoon.

While the team should be totally focused on that, we know they won’t be. The coaches have an eye on that final game.

They know that this Saturday’s game is all about preparing for that final game.

Although Ohio State has been a fantastic team thus far in the season, there have been certain areas they have needed to improve on. They helped fix some of the woes in the passing game this past week.

Yet, there is still one more thing that they have to work on before facing TTUN. They have to get better at stopping the run up the middle of the field.

With both of their running backs, Michigan excels at that. You can bet they are going to do the same thing next week.

Against Michigan State, they did a better job of that.

94 yards on 29 carries was all they gave up. That was a lot better than the 227 yards they allowed against Rutgers the previous week. Sure, the Spartans are a terrible team. But there was some progress made.

I’d like to see that progress continue this week against the Golden Gophers. Minnesota has two running backs that average 4.9 yards a carry or better

Compared to the test the Spartans just gave the Buckeyes, they will be more difficult. Going into The Game, they should feel confident if Ohio State can stop them.

The Ohio State football team shouldn’t have too many problems against Minnesota this week. As long as they don’t turn the ball over a bunch, they’re going to win the game.

Playing a complete game should be their focus as they head into the final game of the year.

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