JUST IN: Ohio State Football player suspended f…….

Suspended for gambling is a former Ohio State football player.

Sports gambling is legal in a ton of different states now, including the state of Ohio. The NFL has some gambling rules that players must follow, including not gambling on team property or on team trips. One former Ohio State football player broke that rule.

Ex-Buckeye Jameson Williams, who transferred to Alabama for his final season in college, was suspended six games today by the NFL for breaking the league’s gambling policy. Williams was found to be gambling on other sports while in the team facility.

No player or coach is permitted to wager on NFL games at any moment, per NFL regulations. That results in a full-year suspension, which two other NFL players received. You can gamble on other sports as long as it’s not in the team facility, bus, hotel, or anything of the like.

Williams violated that rule and will now miss the first six games of this season. Williams missed most of last season after tearing his ACL in the 2022 National Championship Game in which Alabama fell to Georgia. He had been a member of the Ohio State football program before that.

These guys are aware of the regulations, even though I think it is kind of dumb that you can not wager on sports while on an NFL team’s property, but you can at home.

Even if the rule is dumb, you have to follow it if you want to avoid the consequences. Williams broke the rule, so he has to deal with the consequences.

The Lions can not be happy right now because they had to move up in the Draft to get him. He will now miss a good chunk of games in his first two seasons as a pro. He better make sure he is ready to go once his suspension is up, otherwise, Detriot won’t be happy.

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