Shocking! why Sandro Tonali may never play for Newcastle again

Sandro Tonali did, in fact, make a cameo appearance during Saturday’s thumping of Palace, and following the final whistle, players and supporters pushed him to the front in what appeared to be his farewell (for the time being) final appearance.

Football player Nicolo Fagioli has already begun serving a seven-month suspension, while Sandro Tonali is going through the same procedure.


After reaching a deal with Tonali’s legal team, FIGC President Gabriele Gravina and the General Prosecutor’s Office for Sport must formally approve the accord. This is when Giuseppe Chine, the FIGC prosecutor, comes in.

Sandro Tonali in particular seems to have an interest in getting the clock ticking as soon as possible if a ban is truly on the horizon, since it would be futile to play with this hanging over him and stretch it out. It simply means that any ban will take longer to end the later it starts.

Regarding the duration of the suspension, Sportmediaset reports that Sandro Tonali and his attorneys had pushed for a maximum of 10 months, which would mean the player would be eligible to return to action around the start of the 2024–2025 Premier League season. They do, however, report that the authorities are reportedly seeking a minimum 12-month ban, which would extend into the following season.

Despite claims of bets on AC Milan, the Italian media reports that Sandro Tonali and his representatives have cooperated fully with the authorities and that there is no evidence of corruption or match-fixing. Sandro Tonali is said to have always bet on his team to win.

Naturally, from the standpoint of Newcastle United, none of this is ideal.

It’s just a matter of minimizing harm and salvaging as much as possible from an unfavorable situation. As soon as the investigation is concluded, a plan of action will be formulated, taking into account any necessary support for Sandro Tonali to ensure his physical and mental well-being upon his return.

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