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Breaking: Prior to Ohio State’s match against Michigan, Ryan Day makes a significant request of the team…..

BREAKING NEWS: Ryan Day makes a huge request to Ohio State players ahead of Michigan clash

Rivalry games in college football always elicit strong emotions in players, and the storied rivalry between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Michigan Wolverines is no exception. Despite the difficulties, Ohio State head coach Ryan Day wants his players to try to control their emotions in the upcoming game against Michigan.

There are several factors that are making this game more exciting than in previous years, including Ohio State’s back-to-back losses after dominating the rivalry for nearly two decades, as well as the cheating scandal that has resulted in Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh’s suspension. Day admits that blocking out all of that will be difficult, but he believes it is necessary for his team.

“I think, not that it’s easy, but the only thing that matters is this game, is this team, is preparing,” Ryan Day told On3. “The rest is irrelevant, so that’s what we have to do.” We must remain disciplined enough to concentrate on that. And it returns to the conversation about emotion, allowing the game’s emotion to get in the way. That is not something we can do.”No. 3 Michigan vs No. 2 Ohio St the Big Ten clash of titans | AP News

Not only will this be an emotional game for Ohio State, but it will also be a difficult one because it is the first time all season that the Buckeyes are underdogs, with Michigan favored by 3.5 points.

If the Buckeyes are to win, they will need to stay focused and play their best football.

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