The Michigan assistant coach was forced to apologize to…….

The Michigan assistant coach was forced to apologize to mom and grandma for his profanity-filled remarks.

Michigan offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore was beside himself after Michigan defeated Penn State 24-15 on Saturday, and it bled through during his postgame interview with Fox.

Moore exclaimed, “I want to thank the Lord.” “I would like to thank Coach Harbaugh. (Expletive) love you, man. I adore you, man, to the hilt. finished this for you.

For this university. The president, our AD, we got the best players. Best university. Best alumni in the country. I adore you all. These guys, these (expletive), these guys. Man, these guys right here. These guys did it.”

Moore seems to have received criticism for his post-game fervor, and it seems that his family was the source of it.

Speaking to reporters Tuesday, Moore said he apologized to his mother and grandmother for his profanity-laden speech, adding, “it was a lot bigger than just that moment.”

He added that others, including Charles Woodson and Desmond Howard, had gotten in touch to offer their support.

But the sentiment was evidently still there. He was still wearing a “Michigan vs. Everybody” sweater at the podium, and he reiterated that those outside the program want to see it fail.

He added that the entire team wanted suspended coach Jim Harbaugh to be on the sideline Saturday against Maryland before saying, “If he isn’t, we’ll operate at the highest level we can.”

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Michigan, which is 10-0 (7-0 Big Ten), will play Maryland this week before hosting Ohio State in “The Game” on November 25.

The Wolverines are hoping a Friday hearing grants them a temporary restraining order that would allow Harbaugh to coach those two games. If not, Moore is expected to act as head coach for the rest of the regular season.

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