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Steve Clinkscale Updates The Health Of Starting CB Josh Wallace

The Wolverines will need all men on deck for Saturday’s tilt against Penn State.

Starting cornerback Josh Wallace had one heck of a first half against Purdue last weekend. But Wallace wasn’t seen during the second half of the game and not much was said about his absence after the game.

This week Steve Clinkscale was asked about the health and status of Michigan’s starting corner. Clinkscale said he was alright and everybody — including himself — is battling something during this time of the season.

“He’s alright, yeah,” said Clinkscale. “All my guys are alright, everybody is working hard. Everyone is becoming more robust or healthy. It’s football, it’s November. Hell, I’m injured. What am I working through? Life.

When Wallace came to Michigan, via the transfer portal, from UMass — Wallace wasn’t a household name. People would look at his stats and PFF grade and say ‘This guy can ball’.

Through nine games, Wallace grades out as the second-best cover corner Michigan has behind Will Johnson. According to PFF, Wallace has a 79.4 coverage grade.

Clinkscale noted how well Wallace has handled himself after coming from UMass and having to learn a new system.

He told the media that Wallace never actually had a cornerback coach and now that he has one — Wallace is taking every coaching tip in like a sponge.

“Josh had a hell of a half [against Purdue], I think he had player of the game, one of them,” Clinkscale said. “He did a really good job.

All of his point of attacks were plusses, he was 100% at the point of attack. He’s starting to understand the game too. You know, Josh, when he was at UMass, he didn’t have a specific corners coach all the time.”

“He’s like a sponge with him being a graduate already, he’s over here, I walked by the meeting room and he’s watching film non-stop on his own.

He’s doing a really good job of trying to be like the veteran guys. He’s a great addition. We wouldn’t be where we are on the defense if it wasn’t for Josh.

Like I said, he can play corner and nickel and he’s doing a really good job at the point of attack.

Michigan will need Wallace for Saturday’s tilt against Penn State. The Nittany Lions do not have one of the best passing attacks, statistically, but Penn State has a five-star QB and plenty of weapons at his disposal.

It’s expected that Will Johnson will take on KeAndre Lambert-Smith this weekend and Wallace will take the opposite side of the field.

If Wallace is unexpectedly not ready to go against PSU, Michigan could slide Mike Sainristil to the outside and insert Keshaun Harris in or decide to use Keon Sabb a little on the outside.

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