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Sean McVay speaks on Carson Wentz’s role and future with the Rams

Sean McVay discussed the factors that led the Rams to choose to add Wentz.

In a surprising move, the Los Angeles Rams recently signed quarterback Carson Wentz.

The decision, announced last week, came as a bit of a shock, considering Wentz‘s availability in the market for an extended period without any apparent interest from the Rams.

This development raises intriguing questions about the team’s strategy and the role Wentz will play.

The Rams, having navigated through a challenging season with fluctuating quarterback performance, found themselves compelled to bolster their lineup.

Head Coach Sean McVay, in a recent press confernce, shed light on this latest acquisition.

“I think that’s to be determined,” McVay responded when asked about the duration of Wentz‘s stay with the Rams. His statement reflects a mixture of immediate necessity and cautious optimism.

“We were just excited about being able to get him in the building,” McVay added, emphasizing the team’s need for a skilled player like Wentz.

Wentz has had a rocky NFL career

Wentz‘s journey to the Rams wasn’t straightforward.

The team’s hand was forced following a less-than-stellar performance from backup Brett Rypien, leading to an urgent reassessment of their options. McVay explained, “It’s really just a chance to upgrade the quarterback room.

” This statement underscores the Rams’ pragmatic approach to navigating the uncertainties of the current season, especially concerning starting quarterback Matthew Stafford’s availability.

McVay praised Wentz’s professionalism and adaptability, crucial traits for a player stepping into a backup role, potentially with starter responsibilities.

He highlighted Wentz’s impressive handling of the practice sessions and his positive interactions with the team, especially with Stafford.

Interestingly, McVay avoided commenting on Wentz’s reported collaboration with former NFL coach Jon Gruden, a known mentor of McVay.

“You’ll have to ask Carson,” was McVay’s response to inquiries about this association.

This avoidance could be indicative of the Rams’ desire to focus solely on the present and immediate future, rather than delve into Wentz’s past engagements.

The Rams‘ decision to sign Wentz, after his prolonged availability and sudden need, adds a layer of complexity to their season’s narrative.

It’s a move that reflects both a response to immediate challenges and a potential strategic play for the future.

As the season progresses, Wentz’s role and impact will be closely watched, offering insights into the Rams‘ decision-making process and future direction.

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