The former Michigan coach defends Harbaugh in the sign-stealing case, saying, “Stop whining and get a……..

‘Stop whining and get a better team’: Former Michigan coach defends Harbaugh in sign-stealing case

Biff Poggi adamantly defends Jim Harbaugh as Big Ten considers punishment options

Michigan’s Ann Arbor A former Michigan football coach has come to the defense of Jim Harbaugh in the ongoing sign-stealing case.

Biff Poggi was Michigan’s associate head coach the past two years before taking the head coaching job at Charlotte.

He was considered one of the most important behind-the-scenes factors in Michigan turning the program around and winning back-to-back Big Ten championships.

Poggi broke his silence on Friday amid rumblings on social media regarding a possible punishment for Harbaugh.

He also had a message for conference coaches who are putting pressure on the commissioner to punish Harbaugh before the investigation is finished.

“I have been quiet on the Michigan situation, but no longer,” Poggi said. “I was closer to Jim Harbaugh over the last three years than anyone except his wife and kids.

If Jim knew, I would have known. I didn’t know, and neither did he. I stake my reputation on it. Stop whining and get a better team.”

Poggi has never been known to beat around the bush, and that was the case here, as well. When he says, “If Jim knew,” he’s referring to Harbaugh’s knowledge of the in-person scouting violations by former analyst Connor Stalions.

Stalions resigned amid allegations that he broke an NCAA bylaw when he bought tickets to games and sent others to film the sidelines of future Michigan opponents.

So far, no evidence has connected Harbaugh to the operation. The NCAA has the ability to punish a head coach for anything that happens on his staff, but the Big Ten has no such rule.

Michigan is leaving Friday afternoon to travel to Happy Valley for a top-10 clash against Penn State.

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