Not good: This is what transpired after Jim Harbaugh’s suspension …

Michigan sign-stealing scandal news: Latest updates on possible Jim Harbaugh suspension from NCAA cheating investigation

On the field, Michigan is in the midst of what could be a historic season. Off the field,  the focus has rarely been on the team’s success.If the latest reports are any indication, the on-field and off-field elements of Michigan’s season could be on the verge of clashing.

An investigation into Michigan’s alleged sign-stealing scheme, centered on now-fired staffer Connor Stalions, continues to evolve by the hour, with one update after another adding another wrinkle to the saga that began in October. While more details emerge about what exactly happened and who was aware of it, the Big Ten may be inching toward a decision on whether to punish Michigan during the 2023 season.

The Sporting News is tracking the latest updates from the Michigan sign-stealing scandal. Follow along with the newest developments below.

Yahoo Sports reported Monday that the NCAA shared its investigation findings with the Big Ten, noting that the findings “do not connect the in-person scouting and recording of opponents’ sidelines to Harbaugh.”

Still, the conference is considering a suspension for Harbaugh and could hand down punishments before the end of the week.

Yahoo says a multi-game suspension for Harbaugh is on the table, though Michigan is fully expected to fight a ban if one is handed down.

It would be Harbaugh’s second suspension of the season, as the Wolverines self-imposed a three-game ban on Harbaugh to start the season amid an NCAA investigation that found Harbaugh lied to investigators.

According to The Athletic’s Pete Thamel, the Big Ten might be getting closer to handing down a suspension for Harbaugh.

“Over the past few days, Petitti has spoken with the athletic directors, he’s spoken with the presidents, he’s spoken with the coaches.

And it looks like Michigan will face some kind of penalty in the coming stages. The most likely scenario here is some type of suspension for Jim Harbaugh,” Thamel said on ESPN’s “College GameDay.

It was reported earlier in the week that coaches were putting pressure on the Big Ten to hit Michigan with some form of punishment, with Purdue’s Ryan Walters publicly calling for action and claiming the allegations are no longer simply allegations.

Harbaugh was already suspended three games at the start of the season, in a ban imposed by the school itself in an attempt to ward off a separate NCAA investigation.

Michigan football analyst Connor Stalions, the focus of the NCAA’s investigation, resigned on Friday night, the university confirmed.

In a statement, Stalions’ lawyer said that his client hoped to avoid creating more distractions for Michigan and denied that any Wolverines staffer “told anyone to break any rules.”

Stalions is accused of buying numerous tickets to scout future opponents in-person, which is against NCAA rules. The NCAA is also investigating the possibility that Stalions appeared on Central Michigan’s sideline in Chippewas gear for a game against Michigan State.

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