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Breaking News: As dismissal rumors persist, a Bears insider discloses th………

BREAKING NEWS: Bears insider reveals top candidate to replace Matt Eberflus as sacking rumour continues to loom

Bears HC Matt Eberflus after tumultuous week: 'When you have adversity, we  pull together'

Although head coach Matt Eberflus may be viewed as the scapegoat in Chicago, he is not the most serious issue confronting the Chicago Bears. That’s ownership every day, twice on Sundays.

Unfortunately, this will never change. While I do not trust this franchise as long as Ryan Poles and Kevin Warren are involved, I believe a change in head coach could be the coveted deodorant.

I understand why Eberflus took the job when he did. He was a savvy defensive mind with the Indianapolis Colts and, before that, the Dallas Cowboys. Because there are only 32 of these available, beggars cannot be choosers. Regardless, this is an offensive-minded league, and the Bears are forever stuck in 1985.

That was nearly 40 years ago. Maybe they’ll make a change after this year?

If I were running the Bears, hopefully not into the ground as the current regime seems to do on a regular basis, I would probably look into hiring an offensive coordinator, someone who can call plays and get the most out of the quarterback position. I would also bet on Justin Fields as the franchise’s face in an attempt to truly reboot the entire operation. The Bears require assistance…

With that in mind, here are five offensive-minded candidates to succeed Eberflus as Chicago’s coach.

Depending on how the legal situation in the Big Ten shakes out, Jim Harbaugh could leave Ann Arbor for Chicago, as he did in the 1980s. Is it possible that history will repeat itself? Is it possible that we are living in a simulation? Possibly, but as with most scientific claims, I cannot prove it. Regardless, if Harbaugh is no longer permitted to coach at Michigan, the Bears needed to hire him yesterday..

Despite having more success as a player with the Indianapolis Colts in the early-to-mid-1990s, Harbaugh was drafted by the Bears out of Michigan. It is one of two NFL franchises he is most closely associated with as a player, the other being the Las Vegas Raiders from his coaching career. Harbaugh has proven that he can win even in the most difficult of circumstances.

If I were in charge of the Bears, I would pass on the latest installment of head coach Matt, general manager Ryan, and president Kevin. Go get Harbaugh and find a general manager with whom he will not immediately clash so that he can draft his quarterback, J.J. McCarthy, out of college.

This is too good to be true!

If Harbaugh and McCarthy are unable to turn the Bears’ fortunes around, this franchise should be abandoned.

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