A New Chapter in F1 Rivalry: Hamilton and Verstappen in another Dimension

A recent video showed Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton interacting in China.

It looks like Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have put their differences behind them based on video footage that was taken from his car in China. The two Formula One drivers had a well-known falling out at the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, where Hamilton lost to Red Bull competitor and won an eighth championship.

Many believed that Hamilton had been “robbed” of the record championship that would have let him to overtake Michael Schumacher. After a controversial ruling by former race director Michael Masi in a winner-take-all 58th and last lap, Verstappen passed him on the penultimate lap in the United Arab Emirates, as the Dutchman celebrated winning his maiden championship.

Hamilton was understandably incensed when Mercedes started to argue the outcome, but he was gracious in defeat and congratulated Verstappen at the first chance. At the pinnacle of the sport, a split started to emerge between the two drivers when Verstappen was formally crowned the winner, and Hamilton and team principal Todd Wolff boycotted the FIA Awards Gala.

As Verstappen went on to win the next two titles and was on track to win a fourth with Mercedes and Hamilton having a difficult start to the 2024 season, a rivalry developed. But the Chinese GP qualifying offered a unique and charming exchange between the two.

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After leading the sprint race for eight circuits earlier in the day, Verstappen quickly pulled Hamilton back to earth, taking pole position and the sprint victory before the two met on the track. Hamilton qualified in barely 18th place.

The 39-year-old Hamilton fist-bumped his Red Bull rival in video from his car before hugging and appearing to congratulate Verstappen on their sprint finishes. Reports of a fractured relationship have been downplayed by both drivers, who have recently stated that they respect one another.

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“It largely relies on how you conduct your life, and maybe that is not how we are alike. Verstappen said to the Daily Mail last week, “Obviously, we had a great rivalry in 2021, but in the end, we do have a lot of respect for each other.”

“He is unquestionably among the best drivers of all time. I don’t need to or want to refute that. His secret is to remain at the top of his game and to be consistent. It is not difficult to accomplish something when you are gifted; it doesn’t require much work. It’s amazing how well he’s handled his championships. He has made a difference by speaking up when necessary.”

And their adorable moment on the track further demonstrated that Hamilton and Verstappen seem to have put their romance behind them forever, even in the face of the rivalry and scandal that had threatened it.

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