Update: Maguire makes huge 777 takeover admission at Everton

Everton, Sheffield Wednesday, and Reading are the three teams’ ownership situations that Kieran Maguire is most worried about.

The financial expert expressed his opinion that joining 777 Partners from Farhad Moshiri is like jumping from a frying pan into a fire.

In addition, he doubted that the 777 purchase agreement would be completed, saying that many uncertainties remain about the possible acquisition in light of a number of unfavorable recent stories.

Speaking on October 30, Maguire identified the Toffees, Reading, and Sheffield Wednesday as the three teams he is most worried about, saying: It has to be Everton.

Given Moshiri’s actions and your concerns about 777 Partners, it appears that, should the purchase close—which is a big if—we’re throwing caution to the wind.

Regarding their near futures, they are the three clubs that I am most concerned about.

Concerns keep piling up.

Everton supporters shouldn’t be too surprised by the comment from Maguire, since the club’s long- and short-term futures are greatly affected by the ongoing financial and ownership difficulties in the background.

There is no sense of security at Goodison Park as worries over the possible 777 Partners takeover continue to grow. According to recent reports, other prospective bidders are reportedly keeping an eye on the transaction in case it falls through soon.

Everton is far from safe in their current situation, with the possibility of a points deduction hanging over the team and a host of additional financial concerns, most centered upon loans and repayments due in the upcoming months and years.

Given the apparently never-ending chaos behind the scenes, the on-field circumstances at Goodison Park are providing fans with a much-needed diversion while Sean Dyche and his players are producing success on the field.

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