Everton takeover : The attitude of 777 Partners to the proposed 12-point deduction has been…

The reaction of 777 Partners to the proposed 12-point deduction is revealed.

According to Dave Powell, it is highly doubtful that 777 Partners will abandon their planned takeover of Everton regardless of the outcome of the independent commission verdict.

On October 26, a Liverpool Echo journalist reported on the newspaper’s website that, despite The Telegraph reporting the day before that the Premier League was seeking a 12-point deduction punishment for a single alleged profit and sustainability breach, all possible outcomes from the hearing had already been factored into the deal.

The final cost that 777 must pay Farhad Moshiri’s position may alter if a severe points deduction makes relegation a serious possibility, but sources say it is unlikely to prevent the Americans from proceeding with their takeover.


Powell wrote: “The findings of the independent commission and any potential punishment are not something that 777 Partners haven’t prepared for,” with sources telling the ECHO that all possible permutations, including fines and potential point deductions, were declared during the period of due diligence and have been ‘priced in’ to the deal to acquire the club.

The price eventually paid by 777 Partners, if they are successful in acquiring the club, is understood to have the potential to change depending on a severe points deduction that ultimately makes relegation to the Championship a very real prospect, impacting the value of the business.

Given the lack of a prior case of similar character, the conclusion cannot be predicted, but it also cannot be guided by the Premier League, which lodged the allegations. The independent commission is, as the name implies, impartial.

Whatever the verdict, insiders say it is unlikely to ‘deter’ 777 Partners from proceeding with their aspirations to buy the football club.


Since the referral to the independent commission was made in March, prior to the agreement reached between 777 and Moshiri at the end of the summer, it would have been a huge omission for both partners not to have explored these options sooner.

So it’s not surprising that the buyers don’t seem to be put off by the threat of a big punishment if the club, which claims to have followed the regulations, is found guilty.

777 appears to target struggling clubs, and the situation at Everton shouldn’t surprise them because the situation has the potential to worsen. has clearly been perilous for some time, so it

Relegation has been suggested to be disastrous for the Toffees, and survival in that case will undoubtedly depend on the owner’s ability to fund the operation in difficult conditions.

Moshiri’s ability or inclination to do so appears to have run out, so in the absence of a third option, it appears that 777 will have to bear that load.

There are bound to be questions about their ability to do so amid delays in the acquisition process and claims that they have missed deadlines to indicate how much money they have available.

But, logically, if they intend to buy a club that has only narrowly avoided a dip in the last two years, they must have a contingency plan in place.

Based on their track record elsewhere, there is some question about their ability to save a team the magnitude of Everton, but it appears that they are the club’s last hope right now.

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