Everton and Premier League have right to appeal imminent decision as….

Vinny O’Connor reports that both Everton and the Premier League will be able to challenge any ruling rendered by the independent commission.
The story may potentially go on for some time as both sides have the right to appeal against any punishment the Toffees may face for their alleged violation of financial play regulations, according to information supplied by a Sky Sports reporter on Thursday, October 26.

According to reports, the Premier League has asked for the Toffees to lose 12 points if they are judged to have violated the profit and sustainability regulations The Telegraph, October 25.

The decision will be made by an independent committee.


The commission will now go away and consider the evidence, it is unknown how long it will take to get a decision in this case, and once a decision has been handed down both Everton and the Premier League will have the right to appeal, meaning this situation could drag on,” Sky Sports reporter O’Connor said while reporting outside Goodison Park.

It’s interesting to note that Everton will not receive advance access to the commission’s findings, so parties will learn exactly when the rest of us does.

Everton’s situation appears to be unsettling for some time to come, as they await the independent commission’s findings and now face the almost certain prospect of appeals from both sides.

Should the Toffees escape punishment, the Premier League will almost certainly file an appeal, particularly because they feel the Blues should have been docked a record 12-points, more than any other team in the top flight.



Evertonean Football Club would almost certainly file an appeal if they are given any kind of deduction since, as they have consistently stated throughout the process, they have not stepped beyond of their bounds. This is not likely to change at this point.

Whatever the final result of this protracted process is, Sean Dyche and his team will need to set this aside in the upcoming weeks and concentrate on getting wins on the field to give Everton the greatest opportunity of staying up.

In the upcoming weeks and months, one thing is for sure: nobody will be seated comfortably at Goodison Park.

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