Disgusting: New twist would be ‘catastrophic’ for Everton if Premier League…

Michael Ball has stated that the possibility of Everton facing a 12-point deduction is repulsive, adding that such a punishment would be disastrous for the Toffees.

According to reports, the Premier League has demanded that Sean Dyche’s side be penalized 12 points if an independent committee finds them guilty of violating the league’s financial laws. The Telegraph, October 25.

If that punishment is given, it will be the largest points deduction in Premier League history, and Ball has accepted that such a massive punishment might see the Toffees relegated to the Championship.

I find it disgusting that the Premier League is now, allegedly, pushing for a points deduction of 12 points, he wrote for the Liverpool Echo on October 30. When the European Super League was announced, we discussed who you were penalizing with these fines.

The fans will be the hardest hit.” You can do anything about losing 12 points as a player. It is up to you to have that siege mentality in order to turn things around on the field. In our current circumstances, a 12-point deduction for Everton would be extremely disastrous. It is essentially relegation.

Essentially, relegation

So yet, there is no evidence to show that the Toffees have or have not infringed Premier League rules, and it is unknown whether or not Everton will face any form of punishment, if they are punished at all.

The possibility of a 12-point deduction, however, has sparked anxiety and outrage among Goodison Park supporters, as it appears that the Premier League is aiming to make an example of Everton for the rest of the division to see.

This type of punishment would be extremely painful for the fans, as Ball argues, but it would be financially ruinous for the club if the Toffees were relegated since they would lose the riches of the Premier League, including massive TV deals and large transfer costs.

Overall, it would be disastrous for Everton if such a severe sentence is levied on the Toffees when the independent panel makes its decision, but until then, Dyche’s team must continue to pick up results on the pitch to give themselves the best chance of survival.

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