The choice is critical: Disputed Among Top Officials Whether Everton Would be Relegated This Season…

Ray Parlour and Alan Brazil have disputed whether Everton would be relegated this season, especially with the prospect of a 12-point deduction, but Parlour is convinced they will remain in the Premier League.

The former Arsenal midfielder predicted that four Premier League teams would be relegated this season, but Everton was not one of them.

After noting the likelihood of a 12-point deduction, as published by The Telegraph on October 25th, Parlour agreed that it would mean the difference between Everton suffering or not.

On talkSPORT 27 October, 09:39, the pair were discussing the relegation battle and who they predict would go down when Brazil asked, Did you mention Bournemouth and Burnley?

Then Parlour added, Yeah, Bournemouth, I saw Burnely at the weekend and I’m worried for them, I think they’ve got to try and get some points from somewhere. Sheffield United, Luton Town, Bournemouth, and who was the other team we mentioned?

Brazil then stated, Well, we said Everton could be dragged into this if they lose 12 points, before Parlour responded, Well, we said Everton could be dragged into this if they lose 12 points. That will be the big one. I don’t think Everton will be engaged if they don’t lose 12 points.

I can see four clubs closing down, but I’m not sure who… Fulham will have had enough, and Brentford will have had enough to avoid relegation. I’d want to see everyone stay up, but realistically, I see four teams competing for three spots.

The choice is critical.

Everton fans will be worried as an independent disciplinary body continues to investigate charges of financial violations at Goodison Park, with the Premier League’s point deduction recommendation the worst-case scenario.

As of now, no judgment has been made on the investigation’s outcome, and Everton have maintained their stance that they have not infringed any rules, certain of avoiding any potential punishment.

Parlour was confident in his statements that Everton would be able to escape being drawn into the relegation struggle, with those below them more vulnerable, like Sheffield United, Bournemouth, and Luton Town.

Fans will be waiting for the final judgment on a points deduction, and regardless of the conclusion, the rest of the season will be a battle to stay in the top flight.

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