Manager of Everton Dyche is pleased to meet Hodgson and….

Manager of Everton Dyche is pleased to see Hodgson and Lewington from Palace.

Everton boss Sean Dyche is looking forward to facing Roy Hodgson’s Crystal Palace on Saturday.

Dyche is close to Hodgson and his long-time No2 Ray Lewington.

He laughed, “I tell him every time I see him and I’ll tell him again this week… ‘What are you doing? What are you doing this for?!’… In a lovely way!

“He’s a terrific fella and he’s always been terrific with me when I was younger coming through and I came across him. I’ve known through some other work I’ve done, like Leaders in Sport, as well. He’s always at those events and speaks very wisely.

“Also Ray Lewington, who was my manager at Watford. I’ve always got on fantastically well with Ray and he was a fantastic gaffer as well.

“I like a lot of what they are and what they do. I respect them, without a shadow of a doubt but, as I know and they know, that all goes out of the window for however long the referee plays, then hopefully I’ll get to have a chat with them afterwards.”



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