What does Manchester City stand to lose from the Everton point deduction? Following a historic verdict, five important questions


Will Everton now face Premier League relegation? And as the triple champions wait to find out their destiny, what does Manchester City’s 10-point deduction from the Toffees mean?

In light of the decision against the Merseyside club, Sky News examines the important queries.


Everton argues that the punishment, a record points loss, is unfair and disputes the severity of the infraction.


Additionally, they claim that mitigating variables were not given enough consideration, such as the deflationary effect of COVID on transfer fees.

This will be heard by another independent panel, not the same people who brought forward today’s verdict.

Everton fans should be aware that some of the points the club is making in its defense have already been addressed in today’s written reasons for the points deduction.

They have every chance of avoiding that fate. Manager Sean Dyche has the team in good form.

Even after the points deduction, Everton are only two points short of climbing out of the relegation zone. They could, in theory, achieve that in their next match against Manchester United on November 26.


Everton’s statement includes their intention to monitor with great interest the decisions made in any other cases. The city denies every accusation and has sounded bullish and confident in all their pronouncements on the case.

But the Everton ruling can only make them more nervous, both because of its severity and because the independent panel was notably dismissive of some factors that Everton put forward as mitigation.


The Premier League is committed to maintaining the viability of its clubs in an environment that will only get harder.


The largest club competition in the world draws ultra-wealthy potential owners, including entire nations. The criticism around ownership changes in football is growing both within and without the sport.


Today’s politicians were quick to call on the government to expedite the creation of an independent regulatory body.

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